Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC) is a member-owned cooperative dedicated to running Oregon’s bottle deposit and return system. As part of that responsibility, OBRC is committed to providing clear, timely information about our operations and the success of the program. The quarterly reports below will likely answer most of your questions.

If not, please contact us for anything additional.

OBRC Annual Report 2018

Quarterly Report - Q4 2018

Quarterly Report - Q3 2018

Quarterly Report - Q2 2018

Quarterly Report - Q1 2018

OBRC Annual Report 2017

Quarterly Report - Q4 2017

Quarterly Report - Q3 2017

Quarterly Report - Q2 2017

Quarterly Report - Q1 2017

Please note that as a privately-run industry cooperative, some sensitive or proprietary information relating to member business practices will not be available.