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A large BottleDrop truck parked at the OBRC headquarters in Clackamas, Oregon.
Owners, operators and stewards: Distributors at the core of the Co-op
OBRC provides outstanding services to our members, allowing distributors to efficiently run the world’s best container return system

Under Oregon’s Bottle Bill, beverage distributors operate a deposit return system for beverage containers. To make that system run better and provide great services, distributors formed OBRC, unlocking efficiencies and improving consumer access through industry cooperation. Not a member? If you distribute or manufacture beverages, contact us to ask about our services.

In Oregon, a 10-cent refund value provides an incentive for consumers to return their empty beverage containers. Beverage distributors – including importers and self-distributing manufacturers – are required by law to either retrieve these containers from retailers and reimburse them for the refunds they have paid to consumers or work with retailers to provide additional redemption options like those available through the BottleDrop network.

Unless a distributor is part of OBRC, it is each individual distributor’s responsibility to manage the flow of deposits and refunds, collect the empty containers that are returned to retail stores and see to it that they are sorted, processed and recycled. Distributors are also required to complete all necessary state sales and redemption data reporting to the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC).

To make compliance easier and to improve the customer experience, beverage distributors in Oregon formed OBRC, a not-for-profit co-op that fulfills all Bottle Bill responsibilities on their behalf. Becoming a co-op member is easy, and OBRC’s integrated, statewide network has achieved one of the lowest per-container operating costs in the world.

OBRC is governed by beverage distributors and helps its members remain compliant with their legal requirements by providing the following services:

  • Receiving all deposits from distributors and paying out refunds for redeemed containers.
  • Collecting containers from retail stores, transporting them and processing them for recycling.
  • Completing all state-required reporting and container registration on behalf of its members.
  • Operating the BottleDrop network and improving consumer access, convenience and processing efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I get my UPCs registered?

    Once you sign up, we will give you a UPC template to complete and return to us. OBRC operates BottleDrop Redemption Centers and provides self-serve reverse vending equipment for hundreds of retailers. We will make sure your UPCs are registered in our system so customers can return your containers anywhere in Oregon.

  • Are there any fees associated with joining OBRC?

    Yes. Membership in OBRC requires remitting the deposits to the co-op so that OBRC can pay refunds on your behalf. OBRC also assesses membership fees based on sales volume and actual processing expenses by container type. If you are a distributor, importer or manufacturer and would like to learn more about OBRC’s fee structure, please contact us through the webform above.

  • Once I join OBRC, how often would I be reporting on my sales?

    There are two reporting options for members. Depending on an individual member’s sales volume, reporting is required either monthly or once every six months.

  • What are the technical requirements of Oregon’s Bottle Bill?

    While OBRC operates the deposit return system on behalf of its members, Oregon’s Bottle Bill is regulated by the OLCC. Please visit OLCC’s website for more information.

  • How does the 10-cent deposit cycle work in relation to OBRC?

    OBRC works with retailers, distributors and consumers to collect a deposit on eligible beverage containers sold in Oregon and ensures that consumers receive their refunds for the containers they return, as required by state law. The system works as follows:

    • Distributors collect deposits from retailers when they deliver beverages to stores and remit the deposits they collect to OBRC.
    • Retailers collect deposits from consumers when they purchase beverages.
    • OBRC refunds the deposits directly to consumers who return the beverage containers at BottleDrop, or OBRC reimburses retailers for refunds they’ve paid to consumers who return empty beverage containers to retail stores.

    Diagram of the movement of a dime through the redemption system.

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