Refill Program

Brown refillable glass bottles in a cleaning line.
The most sustainable choice in the beverage aisle
The nation’s only statewide Refillable Bottle Program, made possible by OBRC’s seamless operating network

Refillable Bottles. Reborn.

OBRC’s high redemption rate and statewide network made it possible to introduce washable, refillable bottles that can be used again and again. Refillable bottles come with big carbon savings (96% over one-way bottles, according to some studies), and they come back through the same system. High-quality bottles, less waste, a lower carbon footprint and great beverages – what’s not to love?

When you browse beverage aisles in Oregon, you will find some of the state’s most iconic craft beers, ciders and wines available in BottleDrop Refillable Bottles. With more than two million bottles in circulation, fans of craft beverages can enjoy over 100 different beverage types available in BottleDrop Refillable Bottles, produced by nearly a dozen local beverage manufacturers.

The refillable soda and beer bottles in popular use during the last century had to be separated from other containers by consumers and could only be returned directly to the manufacturer or to the specific retailer from whom they were purchased. Fast-forward five decades, and OBRC’s 2018 introduction of the nation’s only statewide Refillable Bottle program improved upon the previous model by ensuring it came with all the same convenience of Oregon’s BottleDrop system. Reuse can be cheaper for craft beverage manufacturers, too. Our efficient program provides affordable options for beverage producers when they compare the costs of BottleDrop Refillable Bottles to non-refillable bottles.

Beverage makers using BottleDrop Refillable Bottles benefit from the shelf-differentiation provided by a unique, recognizable and sustainable Refillable Bottle. And the bottles don’t require any extra time or hassle for consumers – they are returned through the same redemption pathways as other OR 10-cent beverage containers, including through the Green and Blue Bag programs. These distinct bottles are sorted and separated during OBRC’s processing, then washed and carefully inspected before they are delivered back to Oregon’s craft beverage producers to be used again.

Interested in learning more? For more information about the program, becoming a partner, sales and general inquiries about BottleDrop Refillables, send us a note and let us know how we can help.

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