BottleDrop Give

Young woman pushing a blue bag full of recyclable containers into a collection chute.
Generating positive change across Oregon through bottles and cans
BottleDrop Give supercharges nonprofit fundraising by providing an easy, modern and year-round fundraising system

Stronger communities and a cleaner environment

From the start, nonprofits have used Oregon’s Bottle Bill to raise funds and support their programs. The can-and-bottle drives of yesterday have grown into OBRC’s BottleDrop Give program, which amplifies those efforts by helping thousands of nonprofit fundraisers engage their supporters like never before.

Raised for nonprofits in 2023 through BottleDrop Give

Making a Real Difference in Oregon

BottleDrop Give nonprofits provide services everywhere in Oregon, ranging from environmental stewardship to animal welfare, housing and homelessness, schools and education, hunger and poverty, youth sports, public health and everything in between. Since launching BottleDrop Give in 2009, nonprofits have raised more than $27 million through container donations.

Fundraising through bottles and cans is a win-win for the environment and for communities in Oregon. In 2023 alone, nonprofits returned nearly 55 million beverage containers, ensuring they were recycled into high quality materials while raising $5.5 million to support their efforts in a single year. The program continues to expand, with new nonprofits joining daily.

Through BottleDrop Give, OBRC partners with more than 5,600 nonprofits, helping them raise funds by redeeming cans and bottles. Nonprofits benefit from an easy fundraising opportunity that can run continuously, and consumers are motivated to participate by the desire to support their favorite organizations and causes.

BottleDrop Give offers two convenient options for nonprofits to raise funds: the Blue Bag program and the high-volume plant fundraising program.

Blue Bag Program

Introduced in 2015, the Blue Bag program makes ongoing fundraising easier than ever. Nonprofits can distribute Blue Bags to their network of supporters and watch the funds roll in, as individuals fill their bags with redeemable containers and drop them off at any bag drop location in Oregon. Bag tag stickers with QR codes are used to associate the bags with the correct nonprofit accounts and ensure that the funds from those containers are directed accordingly.

The Blue Bag program is an extremely popular fundraising tool for nonprofits; from 2018 to 2023, the annual number of Blue Bag returns has increased more than five-fold.

Additionally, BottleDrop Give makes it easy for Green Bag account holders to make donations from their BottleDrop accounts directly to any participating nonprofit’s BottleDrop Give account.

Learn more about fundraising with our Blue Bag program.

High-Volume Plant Fundraising Program

Started in 2009, this program is considered our “traditional” fundraising option and caters well to nonprofits that generate a large volume of container donations – perfect for groups that want to host can-and-bottle drives or collect a large amount of containers at one time.

Approved nonprofits can schedule an appointment to bring their containers directly to one of our six main processing plants in Oregon. There is no limit to the number of beverage containers that can be returned through the high-volume program. If you can haul it, we can recycle it – and get your funds credited!

Learn more about our High-Volume Plant Fundraising program.

Want to Fundraise with BottleDrop Give?

If you are interested in fundraising for your Oregon 501(c)(3) nonprofit, please visit our BottleDrop Give page to learn more and apply for an account or contact our BottleDrop Give team.