Vision, Mission & Values

A lighthouse at sunset on the Oregon coast.
As the operator of Oregon’s first-in-the-nation deposit return system, OBRC helps advance one of the state’s most significant policy achievements. That means less litter in Oregon’s special places, better recycling outcomes, and mindful stewardship of every resource in our system.

Our Vision

A world where no resource is wasted.

Our Mission

To ensure that no resource goes to waste by empowering people
to redeem every container easily, efficiently, and effectively.

Our Values

We are loyal, resilient, trustworthy, creative, competent and engaged,
and here is what that means to us when put into action.

A rainbow over the OBRC headquarters in Clackamas, Oregon.
We’re loyal.

We look out for and support each other. We keep each other safe and make a welcoming, inclusive place for everyone.

The factory floor of OBRC's container sorting facility.
We’re resilient.

We have the tenacity to pull through difficult challenges, and we work hard to get it right. Just being good isn’t good enough. We understand our commitment to our team.

An OBRC employee inspects beverage containers moving inside the sorting machine.
We’re trustworthy.

We are known for our honesty and integrity. We get caught doing the right thing. We’re fair in all our dealings, from our patrons, to our partners, to our customers. We’re a team that can count on each other.

Two OBRC employees load bagged containers onto a conveyor belt for sorting.
We’re creative.

When there’s no solution, we invent one. We’re innovators, finding ways to be easier, faster, better, and cheaper. And when we find the answer, we bring it to the world.

Seen from above, an OBRC employee opens a blue bag of recyclable containers onto a sorting tray.
We’re competent.

We make sure every container is counted correctly and every dime is returned in an environment that puts safety first. We understand the needs of all our customers, and we meet them. We find every efficiency for our patrons.

An OBRC truck emblazoned with a partnership message with the Elakha Alliance to restore Sea Otters on the Oregon Coast.
We’re engaged.

We’re engaged in our work, the legacy of the Bottle Bill, and the vision of our patrons. We’re engaged in changing the world one container at a time. We’re engaged in our employees, helping them develop their full potential, and empowering them to take ownership of their work. We’re engaged in the power of redemption and the reuse of resources.

At OBRC, we hold ourselves accountable for our values and celebrate that our employees bring them to their work every day.  We are proud to steward Oregon’s treasured Bottle Bill.