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Learn about OBRC’s stewardship of Oregon’s Bottle Bill

On behalf of the beverage industry in Oregon, OBRC operates ones of the nation’s most convenient, unique, and effective container redemption programs. The videos below describe OBRC’s operational stewardship, the positive impact it has across the state, and the unique and creative evolution of Oregon’s program.

OBRC, Stewardship by Design


Oregon’s Bottle Bill unites people across the state where public policy, industry and consumers work toward a common goal: to help keep Oregon beautiful!

From KGW News: Saving for education costs with BottleDrop and Oregon College Savings Plan partnership


BottleDrop customers can transfers bottle and can refunds to an Oregon College Savings Plan, and one Southwest Portland family is using can collection to connect with their community and save for their kids’ education.

KGW News: Supporting Ukraine and Mercy Corps


A Grand Ronde woman collects littered beverage containers to help Portland-based nonprofit Mercy Corps’ humanitarian relief efforts in and around Ukraine.

Cheers to 50 Years of Oregon’s Bottle Bill


Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Oregon’s Bottle Bill, the nation’s first Extended Producer Responsibility system, operated by the beverage industry.

BottleDrop Green Bags: Positive Change.


How our Green Bag program and statewide network of services, locations and programs centered around Oregon’s Bottle Bill work to turn a small deposit into a big return.

If You Pop It, Drop It


Open, enjoy, return. BottleDrop is refreshingly easy.

How Seamus Gets a Fish


The story of one kid’s quest to get a fish using the BottleDrop Green Bag program.

Change. A Life of Its Own.


By partnering with BottleDrop Give, Patty and her co-workers returned thousands of bottles and cans to create scholarships for Barlow High School students.

Indivisible 97201


How a group of residents in a multi-family building work together to recycle their building’s beverage containers while supporting the Oregon Food Bank.

Refillable Bottles. Reborn.


BottleDrop Refillables, the most sustainable choice in the beverage aisle.

Portland Plant


Operating throughout Oregon, the first state in the U.S. to have a bottle deposit system, our team is making a difference in the world of recycling empty bottles and cans.

The Bottle’s Journey


Help keep Oregon clean and beautiful one bottle and can at a time.

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