For Retailers

A BottleDrop employee in high visibility safety gear using equipment to lift bags of containers.
Providing redemption support for retail partners
Retailers play an important role in Oregon’s container return system. OBRC helps ensure they have the support they need.

In the beginning, Oregon’s Bottle Bill relied exclusively on retail stores to serve as the return locations for beverage containers. OBRC’s creativity and innovation have led to changes over the years, including the introduction of the BottleDrop network, the advancement of technology, and new options that continually improve convenience for both retail stores and their customers.

Graph showing annual container return volume by location type.

While the BottleDrop network now accounts for nearly 80% of container returns in Oregon, return options at retail stores are still important access points for consumers across Oregon. OBRC supports our retail partners by providing a range of services and redemption options. OBRC leases and services reverse vending machines to retailers to help them more easily receive, count and compact OR-10 cent beverage containers returned to their locations. In addition, the co-op partners with retailers to provide BottleDrop Express sites and Dealer Redemption Centers, which are Green and Blue Bag drop-off facilities located at retail stores. And finally, OBRC collects and transports redeemed containers from retailers on behalf of our distributor members and reimburses retailers for refunds they have paid to their customers.

Three reverse vending machines for cans, plastic and glass recycling.

Reverse Vending Equipment

Self-serve reverse vending machines, also known as RVMs, can help retailers efficiently process the flow of containers returned to their stores. OBRC offers a range of reverse vending options to help meet different volume needs, and we keep leased equipment running reliably through a well-staffed Field Services Department. To learn more about equipment lease options, please send a note to our Retail Relations team. If you currently lease equipment from OBRC and need it serviced, please log in and complete our RVM service request form.

BottleDrop Express and Dealer Redemption Centers

BottleDrop Express sites are Green and Blue Bag drop-off locations at retail stores. Customers benefit from the additional convenient drop locations and retailers benefit from the added foot traffic they bring to their stores. BottleDrop Express sites don’t change the number of individual containers retailers are required to accept from consumers, but offering a convenient bulk return alternative is a service many customers appreciate and can help decrease the amount of individual container returns occurring at a retail location.

Like BottleDrop Express sites, Dealer Redemption Centers are return locations for Green and Blue Bags. At these sites, there are no bag processing fees for consumers, as retailers financially support the operation. In exchange for offering an easy, no-fee bag drop-off option for consumers, retailers that become Dealer Redemption Centers have their individual container return requirements decreased from 144 containers per person, per day to 24 containers per person, per day.

To learn more about the BottleDrop Express program and Dealer Redemption Centers, view our informational flyer.

Collecting Containers from Retail Stores

In Oregon’s Bottle Bill, distributors have the responsibility to collect containers from retail stores and reimburse retailers for refunds they pay to consumers. Distributors in Oregon formed OBRC to help fulfill this stewardship responsibility. In addition to operating the BottleDrop network, OBRC’s Route Operations Department collects containers from more than 2,000 retail stores in Oregon. If you are a retailer in need of a pick-up, please let us know.

Retail Relations Division

OBRC values its partnership with retailers. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Retail Relations team if we can be of assistance or if you have any questions about OBRC or Bottle Bill operations and stewardship.