Creating a world where no resource is wasted
A basalt monolith and walking path at Hermiston park, Oregon.
An OBRC (Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative) truck in a leafy, landscaped parking lot.
View of Wallowa mountain in Oregon, from across a peaceful lake.
The Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative plant full of bags of recyclable containers.
View of Mt. Ashland in Oregon, with forested hills in the middle ground.
Clifftop view of the ocean at Cape Perpetua on the Oregon Coast.

OBRC provides outstanding recycling services to our partner distributors, retailers and the public, which results in less litter in Oregon’s special places, better environmental outcomes, and mindful stewardship of every possible resource.

Smith Rock
OBRC’s Impact in Oregon
Containers returned and recycled in 2023
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People employed across Oregon
Interior of the OBRC container processing plant.
OBRC at a Glance
What’s Special About the ‘Oregon Model’

Learn how America’s first Extended Producer Responsibility program continues to inspire positive change across the world
Who We Are and What We Do

OBRC operates Oregon’s modern, world-class beverage container redemption system
High-Quality Recycling

Learn how Oregon’s system improves the state’s recycling rate and protects the quality of materials throughout the process