Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in signing up with OBRC to take care of my deposits and empty beverage containers. What is the next step?

Please contact our Member Account Specialist, Nicole Bohe at

How can I get my UPCs registered?

Once you sign up, we will give you a UPC template to fill out and send back to us. We own and operate all of the BottleDrop® Redemption Center locations and also operate reverse vending machines at hundreds of retailers. We will make sure your UPCs are registered so that customers can return your containers anywhere across the state of Oregon.

Are there any fees associated with joining your program?

Yes, there are pickup and processing fees that go along with reporting and remitting deposits to OBRC. Contact our Member Account Specialist, Nicole Bohe at to learn more.

Once I join OBRC, how often would I be reporting?

We have two options for reporting: it can be either done monthly or every 6 months depending on container volume sold.

Where can I go to learn more about the Oregon Bottle Bill and if my beverages are included/excluded?

Please visit OLCC's Website for more information about what kinds of beverage containers are included in the container deposit and return program.

How does the 10-cent deposit cycle work in relation to OBRC?

OBRC works with retailers, distributors, and consumers to collect a deposit on beverage containers sold in the state of Oregon and to ensure that consumers can get the refund value for their container as required by state law. The system works as follows:

  • Consumers pay a deposit to retailers when they purchase a beverage.
  • Retailers pay the same deposit to the distributor at the time the beverage is delivered to the retailer.
  • Distributors pass the deposits they collect to OBRC.
  • OBRC returns the deposits directly to consumers who return containers at BottleDrop, or OBRC returns deposits to retailers who accept empty container returns from consumers.